Who Owns America?

The Largest Land Owners
in the United States



The following list of multi-millionaires are among the largest land bankers in the United States.


Phillip Anschutz Brad Kelley
Babbit Ranches Linnebur Family
Jeff Bezos Lyda Family
Beggs Family John Malone
Briscoe Family Milliken Family
Collier Family Moore Family
Collins Family David Murdock
Drummond Family Nunley Family
East Family Foundation Reed Family
Archie Aldis Emmerson Reynolds Family
Fasken Family Robinson Family
Ford Family Scott Family
Hughes Family Singleton Family
Irving Family True Family
The Koch Family W.T. Waggoner Estate


Largest Land Investors in America

John C. Malone is the largest land investor in the United States with 2.2 million acres of land. Mr. Malone is a business executive and philanthropist who spends most of his wealth on acquiring additional land.

Ted Turner is the second largest land owner in the United States with approximately 2 millions acres of land. He is a retired media owner and executive known for his one billion dollar gift to the United Nations.

Archie A. Emmerson is the third largest owner of U.S. land. He owns approximately 1,870,000 acres of land through a family owned corporation. The land holdings are located primarily in the Western states.

Brad Kelly, the fourth largest owner of land in America, owns approximately 1.5 million acres in six states, most of which is used for raising cattle.