Biographies of Owners and Managers


Following are short biographies of the owners and / or managers of Pacific Realtors:


Michael Chulak

Michael Chulak established Pacific Realtors in 1987 as a division of Coast Management which was later incorporated as Michael is the President of Pacific Realtors and its managing real estate broker. He is also a real estate and homeowner association attorney.

Born in Los Angeles, Michael Chulak obtained a Bachelor of Science Degree in Business Administration from California State University at Los Angeles and a Juris Doctor from Ventura-Santa Barbara College of Law. He became licensed as a real estate broker in 1971 and has been an instructor at six California colleges including UCLA. Course topics have include legal aspects of real estate, real estate finance, homeowner association law, property management and leasing, and the foreclosure and loan modification process.

Michael Chulak writes legal advice columns for several newspapers and has hosted a radio talk show on KTVA AM 1520 and KRLA AM 840 known as On the Law with Attorney Michael Chulak. He is the author of the website, serves as a real estate mediator and provides free legal seminars.

Michael Chulak is a member of Rotary of Westlake Village, North Ranch Country Club, Westlake Yacht Club where he has served as Judge Advocate, and has been a member of The Magic Castle for more than twenty five years.


Franklin Thomas

Franklin Thomas has over 30 years experience as a real estate executive involved in sales, lending, and development. After graduating from San Jose State University, his first position was a right-of-way agent for the California Division of Highways where he gained experience acquiring and managing numerous land parcels. Frank Thomas then changed fields to real estate lending working for Home Savings, the George Elkins Company, Glendale Federal Savings, and Lincoln Savings. During this time he was a real estate appraiser, loan officer and manager, construction loan disbursement officer, and Executive Vice President and Managing Officer of Lifetime Savings of Granada Hills, a subsidiary of Lincoln Savings.

Subsequently, Frank Thomas joined Continental Mortgage Investors, a New York Stock Exchange listed REIT specializing in financing second home communities and large commercial developments. At Continental, he was an executive responsible for a large portfolio of development loans in Washington and Alaska which required extensive workouts.

Later, as an independent consultant, Frank Thomas worked with banks and developers providing loan proposals, project management, and consulting services. This culminated in his becoming a developer and participating as General Partner and Manager of two waterfront lot sale developments in Long Beach.

Frank Thomas was part of the investor group that started Long Beach Savings. He served as a founding Director, Executive Vice President, and Chief Loan Officer for ten years. He was on the Executive Committee which oversaw the activities of the land development subsidiary and all commercial development ventures.

Subsequently, he accepted the position of managing the REO Sales Division of a large national mortgage banking company. REO was sold in 23 states with an average of 800 homes sold each year.

Frank Thomas is a resident of Naples Island (Long Beach) and a member of the Long Beach Yacht Club. He has worked closely with the broker of Pacific Realtors for more than forty years.


Fred Mercuro, Jr.

Before joining Pacific Realtors, Fred Mercuro spent over 30 years in the field of investment banking with a client base of primarily financial institution's including commercial banks, savings and loan associations, credit unions, and insurance companies. In his advisory role, Fred was instrumental in negotiating large multimillion sales and acquisitions of both financial and hard-assets.

Fred functioned chiefly as an advisor to these institutions in the area of asset and liability management. Those duties included maximizing yields, managing credit risks, and leveraging balance sheets. Fred worked directly with the institution's boards of directors and senior management devising growth strategies, and introduced strategies to improve the position of the companies for acquisition.

Fred's thorough knowledge of finance, combined with his investment knowledge was responsible for rescuing a number of savings and loan association institutions from failing during the thrift industry collapse in the late 1980's.

Fred worked closely with a number of mutual (depositor owned) savings banks devising portfolio strategies that would make them attractive candidates for conversion into stock ownership institutions, thereby enhancing their capital base and deposit safety. This work was done in preparation for acquisitions by larger institutions.

In addition, Fred also served as a consultant in both New York and London to a number of leading Wall Street firms including: Goldman Sachs, Lehman Brothers, Morgan Stanley, Solomon Brothers, E.F. Hutton, and Bear Sterns.

Fred consulted with these institutions in developing marketing strategies and staffing needs required to enhance their outreach and client development within the banking industry. He was frequently involved in sourcing and assisting in the acquisition of mortgage banking companies by Wall Street investment banks.

You can utilize Fred's extensive negotiating experience and skills to assist you in your acquisition or sale needs. Fred brings over 30 years of practical business experience to the task of adding-value to the transaction of buying or selling a business.

Fred has extensive experience selling numerous Main Street and Middle Market companies encompassing a broad diversified range of company types; including manufacturing, retail, service, healthcare and Internet related companies. Fred has a proven track record of successfully optimizing the value of the sale by carefully analyzing and thereafter profiling the selling company's value, which is often well in excess of that indicated solely on their tax returns. The marriage of financial analysis and marketing acumen are the critical components to a successful, highly profitable business transaction.


Ken Snow

Ken Snow is the Chief Operating Officer of Pacific Realtors and is a licensed Real Estate Broker. Ken has extensive experience in the financial services industry including all lines of retail banking, analyzing business and personal financial statements, credit evaluations, mortgage financing, and sales of businesses and real estate. Ken Snow achieved notable success in business banking, holding the positions of Area Business Manager for Citibank and Regional Small Business Manager with Bank of America.

Ken Snow is active in the community having served as Cub Master of his son’s Cub Scout pack, and subsequently, as Assistant Scout Master for their Boy Scout troop, seeing all three of his sons through to the achievement of their Eagle rank. Ken is currently a member of Rotary Club International of Westlake Village and San Fernando Valley Network Plus, serving as a board member for both organizations.

Ken is available to assist clients with acquisitions and sales of real estate and businesses, and can assist with most types of real estate loans.

David Klein

David Klein is the Manager of the Residential Brokerage Division of Pacific Realtors as well as the Land Brokerage Division. He has been a licensed Realtor since 1991 and has more than 24 years of experience selling homes, lots, and land throughout Southern California. During his career, he has developed extensive knowledge and experience with all types of residential properties including those in community associations. He also has extensive experience with short sales. David’s commitment and objective is found in his personal motto, “Who’s Your Realtor for Life?”


Tina Chulak

Tina Chulak is an owner of and its affiliates and Tina speaks Mandarin Chinese, the dialect from her home city of Wenzhou, China, and, of course, English. She is the co-owner of a factory in Wenzhou that manufactures plumbing and industrial valves, and is a Vice-President of the U.S. Wenzhou Association which has over 500 members. Tina is also a member of the Board of Directors of the Conejo Valley Chinese Cultural Association (CCCA) which operates a Chinese language school with more than 600 students. Tina can be reached directly at 818-661-9255.


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