Circle X Ranch


The Circle X Ranch, located primarily in Ventura County, is state parkland and a former Boy Scout Camp located in the Santa Monica Mountains. It is famous for The Grotto which is a naturally enclosed waterfall and wading pool, as well as Sandstone Peak (Mt. Allen) which is the highest point in the Santa Monica Mountains at 3,111 feet. The summit provides incredible views of the Pacific Ocean, Malibu, the Conejo Valley, and four of the Channel Islands. There are extensive hiking trails and camp grounds. Hidden Valley is directly to the north.


Triunfo Pass

Triunfo Pass is a mountain pass that runs through the Santa Monica Mountains just east of Sandstone Peak and the Circle X Ranch.


Canyon View Trail

Canyon View Trail is located in the Circle X Ranch area of the western Santa Monica Mountains in Ventura County, northwest of Malibu. Scenery includes great mountain views, unusual geological features, and seasonal small waterfalls.


God's Seat

God's Seat is a popular rock formation and overlook located north of Malibu in Ventura County approximately two miles east of the Circle X Ranch in the Santa Monica Mountains National Recreation Area. God’s Seat is famous for its truly spectacular views of the Conejo Valley, Lake Sherwood, Sandstone Peak, and the Pacific Ocean.


Conejo Peak

Conejo Peak, not to be confused with Conejo Mountain, is one of the area’s highest mountain peaks rising to 2,854 feet. It is located in the northern area of the Circle X Ranch in the Santa Monica Mountains within Ventura County. For access to Conejo Peak Trail, take the Wendy Drive exit from the Ventura 101 Freeway and travel south until it ends at Potrero Road. There is a church opposite the entry to the trail. The peak offers excellent views of the Conejo Valley communities of Newbury Park, Thousand Oaks, Hidden Valley, and beyond.


Mishe Mokwa Trailhead

The Mishe Mokwa Trailhead is located at 12896 Yerba Buena Road north of the Circle X Ranch near Sandstone Peak in the Santa Monica Mountains of Ventura County. You can take the trail to Sandstone Peak, the Backbone Trail, and Balanced Rock. The 5.9 mile Mishe Mokwa Trail is only open to hikers. Conejo Peak is to the north and Malibu is to the south. The views from the trail are excellent and wildflowers are absolutely beautiful.


Balanced Rock

Balanced Rock is a 40 foot high bowling-pin like rock perched high in the Santa Monica Mountains that is visible from the Mishe Mokwa Trail. It is absolutely stunning making it a popular hiking destination and photo opportunity. You must see it to believe it.