King Gillette Ranch


The King Gillette Ranch, consisting of over 588 acres, is located in the heart of the Malibu Creek Watershed, by the confluence of five significant tributaries in the Santa Monica Mountains. The King Gillette Ranch, once owned by King C. Gillette in the 1920’s (safety razors) is now owned and managed by 5 separate agencies of the state and federal governments which include the Santa Monica Mountains Conservancy. The ranch includes the former King Gillette Ranch Mansion, designed by architect Wallace Neff. It is now part of the visitor’s center. Access is at 26800 Mulholland Highway, Calabasas, adjacent to the Malibu Creek State Park.


Santa Monica Mountains National Recreation Area

Visitors Center - Calabasas

The Interagency Visitor Center at the King Gillette Ranch is operated by four partner agencies:

Santa Monica Mountains Conservancy
California State Parks
National Park Service
Mountains Recreation and Conservation Authority

 The address is 26800 Mulholland Highway, Calabasas.