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Long Beach Historical Timeline

Long Beach, established in 1897, is an incorporated, coastal city in the southern part of Los Angeles County just north of Orange County. It is the seventh largest city in California and the 36th largest in the United States having a population approaching 500,000. The Port of Long Beach is the second busiest port in the United States behind the Port of Los Angeles which is nearby. Downtown Los Angeles is approximately 22 miles to the north of Downtown Long Beach. The Long Beach area was settled by the Tongva Indians thousands of years before the area was claimed by Spain and later by Mexico.

The City of Lakewood and the City of Hawaiian Gardens are to the north and east of Long Beach, the City of Paramount is to the north, Los Alamitos and the unincorporated area of Rossmoor are to the east, Seal Beach in Orange County is to the southeast, the Pacific Ocean is to the south, and the City of Carson and San Pedro are to the west. The Palos Verdes Peninsula is to the west of Long Beach.

Major employers in Long Beach include:

Boeing Long Beach Memorial Medical Center
California State University, Long Beach Molina Health Care
College Medical Center RMS Queen Mary
Denso Corporation Sean Health Plan
Gulfstream Aerospace St. Mary Medical Center
Laserfiche TABC, Inc.
Long Beach City College    


The following communities are located in Long Beach:

•   100 Hermosa

•   120 Alamitos Avenue

•   330 Chestnut Avenue

•   335 Cedar Avenue

•   388 East Ocean Boulevard

•   425 Ocean Boulevard

•   520 Marina Pacifica Drive

•   841 Gardenia Avenue

•   1000 Ocean Bouelvard

•   1174 East Ocean Boulevard

•   1207 Obispo Avenue

•   1500 Ocean Boulevard

•   1630 Park Avenue

•   1800 East Ocean

•   2331 East 10th Street

•   2507 E. 15th Street

•   3526 Linden Avenue

•   4045 East 3rd Street

•   4505 California Avenue

•   Acacia Condominiums

•   Acqua Condominiums

•   Artaban Condos, The

•   Avila Cove

•   Balboa Condominiums

•   Belmont Capri

•   Belmont Shore Condos

•   Beverly Lofts

•   Bixby Knolls Estates

•   Bixby Riviera Condominiums

•   Broadway East

•   Californian, The

•   Camphor Condominiums

•   Condos at The Blu

•   Cooper Arms

•   Coral Cove

•   Dolphin Condominiums

•   East Manor Townhomes

•   Garden Condominiums

•   City Place Lofts

•   Hampton Condominiums

•   Hervista Condominiums

•   Historic Villa Riviera

•   International Tower

•   La Costa

•   La Rosa Townhomes

•   Leeward Cove

•   Lido Baia Condominiums

•   Loma Linda Condominiums

•   Long Beach Grand Villa

•   Long Beach Village

•   Long Beach Villas

•   Maridian Condos

•   Nebraska Heights

•   Ocean Club, The

•   Ocean East Condos

•   Ocean House

•   Ocean View Condominiums

•   Orleans Condominiums

•   Pacific, The

•   Pacific Condominiums

•   Pacifica Condos

•   Palm Park Condominiums

•   Park View Plaza

•   Peninsula Condominiums

•   Queen Surf, The

•   Queens Terrace

•   Quinby Condominiums

•   Rose Gardens Condos

•   Rose Towers

•   Queens Terrace

•   Quinby Condominiums

•   Rose Gardens Condos

•   Rose Towers

•   Santa Fe Townhomes

•   Sea Park Condominiums

•   Seacrest Condominiums

•   Seaspray Gardens

•   Second Street Condos

•   St. Regis Condominiums

•   Stonybrook Villas

•   Surfside Cove

•   Towne Capri

•   University Park Estates

•   Versailles Condominiums

•   View Carre

•   Villa Capri

•   Villa del Sol

•   Villa Rose Condos

•   Village at Long Beach

•   Villas at Long Beach

•   Welling Court

•   West Ocean Towers

•   Wilmore Condominiums

•   Ximeno Street Condominiums


Apartments converted to condominiums in Long Beach include:

Pacific Condominiums - 48 units
800 Pacific Avenue

1800 East Ocean – 10 units
1800 East Ocean Boulevard

Quinby – 7 units
4550 East Broadway

Ocean View – 8 units
100 Esperanza

Hervista – 8 units
326 Hermosa Avenue

Ebell Capri - 18 units
1049/1057 East Third Street

El Dorado Manor – 18 units
21 7TH Place

Bixby Royal – 30 units
3 East Third Street

Falcon Manor – 11 units
1425 East First Street

Beach Park – 21 units
2105 East Ocean Boulevard

Sylvia Manor - 11 units
933 East First Street

Imperial Manor - 8 units
235 Termino

Erneco Manor - 35 units
1139 East Ocean Boulevard

1250 First Street - 10 units
1250 East First Street

Quin-Mar - 7 units
217 Quincy

Towne Capri – 26 units
1023 East 1st Street

The Empress – 14 units
1100 East Ocean Boulevard

Beach Cliff – 20 units
5th Place

Monterey – 26 units
2070 Appleton Street

Appleton Electra – 25 units
939 East Appleton Street

Villa Capri – 9 units
1273 Appleton

Ocean House – 38 units
1200 East Ocean Boulevard

Seacrest – 19 units
1174-1176 East Ocean Avenue

Cedarhurst – 28 units
434-440 Cedar Avenue

Villa Condominiums – 11 units
338 Elm Avenue

Redondo Manor – 6 units
3401 East 1st Street

Queens Terrace – 34 units
350 Cedar Avenue

El Dorado Condominiums – 21 units
1250 East Ocean Boulevard

Orange Avenue – 14 units
416 Orange Avenue

The Californian – 49 units
325 W 3rd Street

Rose Towers – 20 units
1728 East 3rd Street

Mayfair House – 12 units
1047 East First Street

Ocean Air – 11 units
1535-1537 East Ocean Boulevard

Olive Crest – 12 units
1030 East 2nd Street

Park Palm – 12 units
1831 Appleton Street

Falcon Park – 12 units
1404 East First Street

Park Capri – 10 units
2009 Appleton Street

La Concha – 16 units
1405 East First Street

Bixby Capri – 10 units
1763 Appleton Street

Olive Gardens – 11 units
1020 East 2nd Street

Uptown Carlton – 33 units
3069 Linden Avenue

Belmont Capri – 20 units
3042 East 3rd Street

Acacia – 10 units
505 Cedar Avenue

Hermosa – 26 units
100 Hermosa


Downtown Long Beach

Downtown Long Beach is the primary business district of Long Beach and the location of many tourist attractions, major hotels, restaurants, and entertainment venues. Downtown is bounded by the Los Angeles River on the west, Ocean Boulevard on the south, Alamitos Avenue on the east, and 7th Street on the north. The area between Ocean Boulevard south to the Pacific Ocean is known as the Downtown Shoreline.

Downtown Long Beach includes:

Aquarium of the Pacific Long Beach Sports Arena
Catalina Cruises Museum of Latin American Art
East Village Arts District Queen Mary
Long Beach Convention and Entertainment Center    


Shoreline Pedestrian Bikepath

The Shoreline Pedestrian Bikepath, also known as the Long Beach Bike Path, is a 4.5 mile path along the Pacific Ocean in Long Beach, California, from Shoreline Village in Downtown Long Beach to Belmont Shore.


Long Beach City Beach – Junipero Beach

Long Beach City Beach is the main beach in Long Beach, California. It is a south facing beach located along Ocean Avenue from the Belmont Pier to Alamitos Beach at the west end. Locals call it Junipero Beach because the main parking lot is at Junipero Avenue. Bluff Park is just north of the beach and offers walking trails, bike trails, and great views. The beach is excellent for swimming, but not surfing because it is protected by extensive breakwaters.


Downtown Long Beach Associates

Downtown Long Beach Associates (DLBA), established in 1937, is a non-profit organization that represents the businesses and commercial and residential property owners in Downtown Long Beach. DLBA is not a traditional membership based organization. Membership is established by virtue of the location of a person’s business, or property. Areas included are the North Pine District, the East Village Arts District, the West Gateway District, the Pine Avenue District, and the Waterfront District.


Long Beach Convention and Entertainment Center

The Long Beach Convention and Entertainment Center consists of the Long Beach Convention Center, the Long Beach Arena, and the Long Beach Performing Arts Center. The facilities are in Downtown Long Beach on the former site of the Long Beach Municipal Auditorium.


Grand Prix of Long Beach

The Grand Prix of Long Beach, held since 1975, and previously known as the Long Beach Grand Prix, is the longest running major street race held in North America. It is the single largest event in Long Beach, California and is held every April. The race consists of 80 laps, with 11 turns, over city streets surrounding the Long Beach Convention Center and primarily over the former location of the Pike historic amusement zone. The event is sponsored by Toyota and features Formula One, single-seat racing cars.


St. Mary Medical Center

St. Mary Medical Center (SMMC) in Long Beach, California, founded in 1923, is a 415-bed, full-service, private, non-profit, acute care teaching hospital with a Level II trauma center. SMMC is a part of the Dignity Health care system and is affiliated with the University of California, Los Angeles which is in Westwood. Dignity Health founded in 1986, operates 39 acute care hospitals and more than 250 ancillary care sites in California, Arizona, and Nevada. Dignity Health was previously called Catholic Healthcare West.


Long Beach Memorial Medical Center

Long Beach Memorial Medical Center is a 420-bed, non-profit teaching hospital founded in 1907 as Seaside Hospital. It is now considered the flagship hospital of the Memorial Care Health System. The Miller Children’s & Women’s Hospital is located at the Long Beach Memorial Medical Center. They are major employers in the City of Long Beach.


Miller Children’s & Women’s Hospital

Miller Children’s & Women’s Hospital Long Beach is a non-profit hospital located on the campus of the Long Beach Memorial Medical Center. The 373-bed facility provides specialized pediatric care for children and young adults as well as maternity care for expectant mothers. More than 6,000 births take place each year at the 24 Miller Children’s & Women’s Hospital facilities located throughout California. Locations include Los Angeles, Huntington Beach, Torrance, Mission Viejo, Irvine, and Anaheim.


Ocean Center Building

The Ocean Center Building is a 14-story historic office building built in 1929 at the intersection of Ocean Avenue and Pine Avenue in downtown Long Beach. The magnificent Spanish Colonial Revival building was originally built on the shoreline; however, the shoreline has been extended. There is now a walkway to the shoreline. The Ocean Center Building has an arcade on its lower level that was once the main entry to The Pike, later renamed Nu-Pike. The Ocean Center Building is a Long Beach Historic Landmark. Most of the offices have great views of the Pacific Ocean and downtown.


The Pike – Long Beach

The Pike was a world-famous amusement zone in Long Beach, California that opened in 1902 and closed in 1979. It was located along the shoreline south of Ocean Boulevard and was most famous for the Cyclose Racer which was a large wooden, dual track roller coaster, built on pilings over the Pacific Ocean. There were more than 200 amusements at the Pike along with restaurants and other attractions. The Pike holds a significant place in the history of Long Beach, California.


Long Beach Airport

Long Beach Airport, formerly known as Daugherty Field, is a small, but very busy airport owned by the City of Long Beach. The general aviation airport is located approximately three miles north of Downtown Long Beach and 18 miles southeast of the much larger Los Angeles International Airport located in the Westchester community of Los Angeles.


Belmont Shore

Belmont Shore is an affluent neighborhood in Long Beach located adjacent to Alamitos Bay and Naples. Belmont Shore is a very popular area containing many fine restaurants and stores. The business district is represented by the Belmont Shore Business Association (BSBA) while the residential areas are represented by the Belmont Shore Residents Association (BSRA). The southern boundary of Belmont Shore is the south facing beach looking out into the Pacific Ocean. Belmont Shore is the location of the Belmont Shore Pier which was constructed in 1966. The views from the pier are absolutely spectacular.


Belmont Shore - Residents Association

The Belmont Shore Residents Association (BSRA) is a non-profit, volunteer organization, dedicated to maintaining and improving the Belmont Shore residential community in Long Beach through communication and unified action. Membership is open to all owners and residents in Belmont Shore. Both members and non-members are welcome at all BSRA meetings and events.



Naples, established in 1903, is an affluent neighborhood in Long Beach consisting of three islands located in Alamitos Bay. The islands are divided by canals that open into the bay. Gondola tours of the canals and bay are available and are very popular.


Lakewood Village

Lakewood Village, first established in the 1930s, is a neighborhood in the northeastern section of Long Beach, California. Known locally as the Village, the well-maintained neighborhood is bordered on the north, west, and east by Lakewood. Lakewood Village is located north of Carson Street, South of Del Amo Boulevard, east of Lakewood Boulevard, and west of Bellflower Boulevard. The liberal arts campus of Long Beach City College is located in the Village.


Alamitos Bay

Alamitos Bay is an inlet on the coast of Southern California between the City of Long Beach in Los Angeles County and Seal Beach in Orange County. Alamitos Bay is at the mouth of the San Gabriel River and contains Naples which is a community of three small islands. Alamitos Bay and Naples are protected by the Long Beach Breakwater.


Colorado Lagoon Park

Colorado Lagoon Park is a park in Long Beach, California that has sandy beaches along two sides of an inland lake surrounded by parks and golf courses. Colorado Lagoon Park is just north of Alamitos Bay. Only a park separates the two bodies of water. There is a swimming area with public restroom facilities available. Colorado Lagoon Park is a great place for picnics, walking, and bird watching.


Marine Stadium- Long Beach

The Long Beach Marine Stadium opened in 1932 in time to host the 1932 Summer Olympics rowing events. It is now a premier water skiing and rowing facility. The Southern California Speedboat Club has been putting on professional power boat races at Marine Stadium since 1946. Marine Stadium is located in Alamitos Bay in the City of Long Beach.


Long Beach Yacht Club

The Long Beach Yacht Club, founded in 1929, is a private club located at the east end of Naples Island in Long Beach. The facilities of the Long Beach Yacht Club are first class.


Rainbow Harbor – Rainbow Marina

Rainbow Harbor and Marina is located next to the Aquarium of the Pacific in Long Beach and has 87 slips for commercial and recreational vessels. Attractions include whale watching, dinner cruises, sport fishing, boat rentals, great restaurants, and more.


Cabrillo Beach Yacht Club

The Cabrillo Beach Yacht Club, founded in 1932, is located in the San Pedro community of Los Angeles at the San Pedro Harbor. The organization organizes, promotes, and sponsors yachting and yacht races in and about the waters of Southern California.


Los Angeles Harbor Region

The Los Angeles Harbor Region is an area in Los Angeles County that includes the following cities or communities:

  • Lakewood
  • Long Beach
  • Rancho Dominguez
  • Signal Hill
  • San Pedro
  • West Carson
  • Wilmington

South Los Angeles is to the north, Orange County is to the east, the Pacific Ocean is to the south, and the South Bay Region is to the west.


Signal Hill

Signal Hill, incorporated in 1924, is a small city in Los Angeles County that is surrounded on all sides by the City of Long Beach. The population is approximately 11,600. The hill that the city is named after is 365 feet above the surrounding City of Long Beach which is quite flat. Thousands of years ago, the Tongva People used the hill to set signal fires that were visible all over the Los Angeles Basin and out to the Channel Islands.

Residential communities in Signal Hill include:

  • Coraltree Condos
  • Harbor View
  • Harbor Winds
  • Harbor Winds #2
  • Signal Hill Condos
  • Signal Hill Townhomes
  • Signal Hill Townhouses
  • Villas at Signal Hill

Cambodia Town – Little Cambodia

Little Phnom Penh

Cambodia Town, also known as Little Cambodia and Little Phnom Penh, is a neighborhood in Long Beach along Anaheim Street which is a major business corridor. The area is often referred to as the Cambodian capital of the United States because of its large number of residents of Cambodian descent, many of whom came to the United States as refugees after the 1978 invasion of Cambodia by the Communist government of Vietnam. The population is approximately 21,000. The area has many Cambodian restaurants and unique stores. It is definitely worth visiting.


Los Cerritos Wetlands

The Los Cerritos Wetlands is a 776 acre wetlands area located on the border of Los Angeles County and Orange County. It covers areas within the City of Long Beach and Seal Beach near the mouth of the San Gabriel River. Several protected species, including the California Brown Pelican, inhabit the Los Cerritos Wetlands.


Los Angeles River

The mouth of the 48 mile long Los Angeles River is at the Port of Long Beach in the City of Long Beach, California. The river starts in the San Fernando Valley, Simi Hills, and Santa Susana Mountains and then generally heads southeast to the Pacific Ocean.


Coyote Creek Bikeway

The Coyote Creek Bikeway, also referred to as the Coyote Creek Bicycle Path, is a 9.5 mile path that runs along the Coyote Creek which separates Los Angeles County and Orange County. The path begins in Santa Fe Springs and extends south to Long Beach where it joins the San Gabriel River Bicycle Path.


Lario Trail System

The Lario Trail System consists of 22 miles of biking, hiking, and equestrian trails along the Los Angeles River and the 16.4 mile Rio Hondo tributary. The trail begins near the Whittier Narrows Dam and continues along the Rio Hondo tributary until its confluence with the L.A. River, and runs to the Pacific Ocean at Long Beach. The Lario Trail provides connections to seven parks adjacent to the Los Angeles River and Rio Hondo tributary.



The following neighborhoods are located in Long Beach:

•     4th Street Corridor

•     Alamitos Beach

•     North Alamitos Beach

•     Alamitos Heights

•     Arlington

•     Artcraft Manor

•     Belmont Heights

•     Belmont Park

•     Belmont Shore

•     Bixby Highlands

•     Bixby Knolls

•     Bixby Terrace

•     Bixby Village

•     Bluff Heights

•     Bluff Park

•     Broadway Corridor

•     California Heights

•     Carroll Park

•     College Square

•     Coolidge Triangle

•     DeForest Park

•     Hamilton

•     Downtown Long Beach

•     Downtown Shoreline

•     Drake Park/Willmore City

•     East Village

•     Eastside

•     El Dorado Park

•     El Dorado Park Estates

•     El Dorado South

•     Grant Neighborhood

•     Houghton Park

•     Hellman

•     Imperial Estates

•     Lakewood Village

•     Cambodia Town (Little Phnom Penh)

•     Long Beach Marina

•     Los Altos

•     Los Cerritos – Virginia Country Club

•     Memorial Heights

•     Naples

•     North Long Beach

•     Peninsula

•     Ridgewood Heights

•     Rose Park

•     Shoreline Village

•     South of Conant

•     Stearns Park

•     Traffic Circle

•     University Park Estates

•     West Long Beach

•     Wrigley North and South

•     Wrigley Heights

•     Zaferia


El Dorado Park

El Dorado Regional Park

El Dorado Park is a neighborhood in the northeastern area of Long Beach, California adjacent to the 450 acre El Dorado Regional Park. The City of Lakewood is north and northwest of the park, Hawaiian Gardens is to the northeast, and Los Alamitos is to the east. Park amenities include three fishing lakes, an archery range, basketball, soccer fields, baseball fields, a children’s play area, a skate park, roller hockey, picnic areas, barbeques, restrooms, a nature center, and lots of green open space with mature shade trees. Both the San Gabriel River Bike Path and the Coyote Creek Bikeway cross through El Dorado Park.


San Gabriel River Bike Trail

The San Gabriel River Bike Trail is a 38 mile bicycle path along the San Gabriel River. It starts at the base of the San Gabriel Mountains, extends through the El Dorado Park in Long Beach, and terminates at the Pacific Ocean in Seal Beach, Orange County.


RMS Queen Mary

The RMS Queen Mary is a famous, retired ocean liner that is now a large hotel, several restaurants, and a museum in Long Beach, California. Queen Mary sailed her maiden voyage from Southampton, England in 1936 and was converted to a troopship after the start of World War II. After the war, she was converted back for passenger service and retired in 1967. While designed for 2,139 passengers, she routinely carried more than 15,000 soldiers to England on each voyage during the war. The magnificent ship is 1,019 feet long, 118 feet wide, and 181 feet high with 12 decks. RMS Queen Mary is listed on the National Register of Historic Places. It is absolutely worth visiting.


Terminal Island

Terminal Island is a partially man-made island located south of Long Beach in the Long Beach Harbor. The island is currently used primarily by the Port of Long Beach and the Port of Los Angeles for industrial purposes. There are no longer any residential areas. Prior to the start of World War II, there were more than 3,500 first and second generation Japanese Americans residing on the island engaged mostly in the fishing industry. In 1942, President Franklin D. Roosevelt issued the infamous Executive Order 9066 ordering that all American Citizens of Japanese ancestry be removed from their homes and communities for forced incarceration in what was called a “relocation camp”. All of the Japanese-American Citizens were incarcerated as directed by the president. A portion of the island is used by the federal government as a correctional institution.


Rancho San Pedro

Rancho San Pedro was the 75,000-acre Spanish land grant given in 1784 in present day Los Angeles County that included San Pedro, the Palos Verdes Peninsula, Torrance, Redondo Beach, Hermosa Beach, Manhattan Beach, Lomita, Harbor City, Gardena, Wilmington, Compton, Carson, and parts of Paramount and Long Beach.


Long Beach Heritage Museum

The Long Beach Heritage Museum, founded in 1961, is home to the longest collection of Long Beach memorabilia in the city. Its mission is to promote awareness and be an educational resource of Long Beach history, through the preservation and exhibition of memorabilia and artifacts from the city’s historical past. The collection is being continuously expanded and is displayed at various local businesses in Long Beach, California.


Historical Society of Long Beach

The Historical Society of Long Beach (HSLB), established in 1962, was created to collect information about the history of Long Beach, to preserve it, and present it to the public. Today, the organizations collection includes more than 30,000 historical photos and prints, maps, directories, brochures, and various important documents. HSLB is a non-profit, membership organization supported by its members and generous donors. It is located at 4260 Atlantic Avenue in Long Beach.


Walter Pyramid

The Walter Pyramid, also known as The Pyramid, is a 4,200-6,912 seat indoor multi-purpose arena located on the campus of California State University, Long Beach, also known as Long Beach State. The unique stadium, which opened in 1994, was built in the form of a giant, blue pyramid rising 18 stories. Walter Stadium is home to the Long Beach State basketball and volleyball teams, and is often used by professional sports teams.


Long Beach Firefighter’s Museum

The mission of the Long Beach Firefighter’s Museum is to collect, preserve, and display the history of the Long Beach Fire Department which was formed in 1897. From horse drawn equipment to far more modern equipment, the items displayed are definitely worth viewing. The museum was founded by Herb Bramley who started with the Long Beach Fire Department in 1946. It is run entirely by volunteers. Tours are available and donations are welcome.


Rancho Los Nietos

Rancho Los Nietos was the 300,000-acre Spanish land grant given in 1784 in present day Los Angeles County and Orange County that included Anaheim, Artesia, Buena Park, Bolsa Chica State Beach and Reserve, Cerritos, Downey, Fullerton, Garden Grove, Huntington Beach, Lakewood, parts of Long Beach, parts of Los Alamitos, Naples, Norwalk, Santa Fe Springs, Seal Beach, Sunset Beach, and Whittier. The ranch remained intact until 1933 when it was portioned into six smaller ranches.


Daisy Avenue – Christmas Tree Lane

Every year, from mid-December, Christmas Tree Lane is available each weekend on Daisy Avenue in Long Beach, between Willow Street and PCH. The festivities include musical entertainment and 23 beautiful lighted and decorated Christmas trees.


Property Management – Long Beach

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Long Beach Real Estate

Homes in Long Beach consist of both single family detached homes and attached homes that may be townhomes or stacked condominiums. Prices range from moderate to high depending upon the neighborhood. Our real estate agents and brokers can show you any homes listed for sale with any real estate brokerage firm.


Long Beach Land

If you would like to see or acquire land in Long Beach or in the surrounding areas, please contact an agent in our land division. We have land specialists that can help you buy or sell land anywhere in California.


Historical Timeline

Pacific Realtors has created a historical timeline for those having an interest in the history of Los Angeles and the surrounding areas.





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