Morrison Ranch Estates


Morrison Ranch Estates consists of a well maintained, quiet upper middle class development of 1,226 detached homes located in Agoura Hills. The homes were built over several years with most constructed in the early to mid 1980’s. The majority of the homes are located north of Thousand Oaks Boulevard, west of Kanan Road and east of Reyes Adobe Road. Permanent open space consisting of rolling hills are located to the north in both Agoura Hills and Oak Park.

Morrison Ranch Estates is governed by the Morrison Ranch Estates Homeowners’ Association which has established strict architectural requirements making Morrison Ranch Estates one of the most highly desirable places to live in the Conejo Valley.  The development consists of Morrison Highlands, Morrison West Meadows, Morrison South Meadows, Morrison North Meadows, and Morrison East Meadows.


Morrison Ranch Estates Homeowners’ Association

The Morrison Ranch Estates Homeowners’ Association is the name of the HOA that governs the Morrison Ranch Estates Community in Agoura Hills, California. The association is governed by an elected board of directors that consists of five homeowners. The 1,226 home association includes the Morrison Highlands, Morrison West Meadows, Morrison South Meadows, Morrison North Meadows and Morrison East Meadows. Given the affluence of the area and the size of the association, the Morrison Ranch Estates Homeowners’ Association is considered to be one of the most politically powerful groups in Agoura Hills and in the Conejo Valley.


The Highlands

The Highlands, also known as the Morrison Ranch Highlands, is that section of Morrison Ranch Estates in Agoura Hills with many of the largest, highest quality, and most expensive single family detached homes, on large lots, in the Conejo Valley. It is a beautiful neighborhood with many of the homes having great views of the Santa Monica Mountains, including Ladyface Mountain.


Morrison Park - Agoura Hills

Morrison Park is a neighborhood park within the Morrison Ranch Estates community in the city of Agoura Hills. The park features covered picnic areas, barbeques, a children’s play area, restrooms, a full outdoor basketball court, plenty of open space, and a great view of Ladyface Mountain.


Morrison Ranch Open Space

The open space wilderness preserve located directly north of Morrison Ranch Estates and adjacent to and south of the Oak Park Open Space is commonly called the Agoura Hills Open Space or the Morrison Ranch Open Space. The joint area serves as a habitat for rabbits and other wildlife, including coyotes. In addition, the area provides nesting areas for various types of birds native to Agoura Hills and the Conejo Valley. Other open spaces exist in the southern and eastern areas of Agoura Hills adjoining the Santa Monica Mountains.


Agoura Hills - Districts

Agoura Hills is officially divided into the following districts: Downtown, East Agoura, Forest Cove, Historic Quarter, Lake Lindero, Midtown, Morrison Estates, Morrison Ranch Estates, North Village, Reyes Adobe, South End, Upper Downtown, West Office District, and Whizin’s Row.


Property Management – Morrison Ranch Estates

Our affiliate,, manages single family rental homes in Morrison Ranch Estates and the areas surrounding Agoura Hills. This includes all of Conejo Valley, Moorpark, and the West San Fernando Valley.


Morrison Ranch Estates Real Estate

Homes in Morrison Ranch Estates consist of single family detached homes on larger than average lots. Many of the homes offer good views of the Santa Monica Mountains including Ladyface Mountain. Home prices in Morrison Ranch tend to be in the higher range for Agoura Hills reflecting the sizes, locations, and high quality of the homes. Our real estate agents and brokers can show you any homes listed for sale or lease with any real estate brokerage firm.



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